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Multi Cuisine Restaurant & Bar

Discover the culinary treasures of the eastern side of India at Toshali Sands. Here, expert chefs present contemporary interpretations of classic dishes, featuring a hearty and vibrant fare, including an extensive selection of locally sourced fresh lobster and king crab. The restaurant's commitment to farm-to-table dining is evident in the use of organic and/or locally-sourced ingredients, allowing the flavors to speak for themselves.

The ethnic restaurant at our establishment serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a daily basis. In the morning, hotel guests have the option to choose from a diverse range of continental and Indian, Italian, and American breakfast selections. Additionally, they can enjoy fresh organic fruits, juices, tea, and coffee to complement their morning meal.

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Multi Cuisine Phulpatna Ethnic Restaurant

Experience the rich culinary heritage of the eastern region of India at Toshali Sands' Phulpatna Ethnic Restaurant. This dining haven showcases contemporary interpretations of classic dishes crafted by our expert chefs. The restaurant takes pride in offering a diverse and vibrant menu, featuring an extensive seafood selection that includes locally sourced fresh lobster and king crab.

At Phulpatna, our culinary philosophy is straightforward—utilize only the finest ingredients and allow their flavors to shine. Committed to the principles of farm-to-table dining, we prioritize sourcing our ingredients from organic and local vendors, ensuring a fresh and sustainable dining experience.

Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, our ethnic restaurant provides a delightful culinary journey throughout the day. For breakfast, hotel guests can indulge in a selection of continental and Indian options, alongside Italian and American breakfast offerings. Fresh organic fruits, rejuvenating juices, and a variety of teas and coffees complement the morning spread, creating a well-rounded and satisfying start to the day. At Phulpatna Ethnic Restaurant, we invite you to savor the authentic flavors of the eastern culinary traditions in a contemporary setting, where each dish is a celebration of quality ingredients and culinary expertise.

Savor Coastal Flavors: Where Every Bite Tells a Tale at Coastline Dhaba.

Coastline Dhaba

Coastline Dhaba, true to its name, stands as a local cuisine restaurant-style Dhaba nestled along the marine drive between Puri and Konark, seamlessly integrated into Toshali Sands Resort. Positioned amidst the pristine beaches and enveloped by a local rural ambiance, this dining spot exudes a feel-good vibe, allowing patrons to relish local cuisines at their finest. The menu spans from fresh seafood delights to wood-fired pizzas, presenting an extensive array not only of local specialties but also oriental delicacies.

The allure of Coastline Dhaba extends beyond just its culinary offerings. Situated in the midst of sand, sun, and sea, the ambiance captivates diners with its enchanting surroundings. Despite the distractions of the beachside setting, Coastline Dhaba ensures that patrons are pampered with the best offerings. The breakfast options, ranging from local favorites to international choices, guarantee a delightful start to the day. For spice enthusiasts, the main course menu boasts captivating dishes like Kadai Mushroom and Matihandi Mutton. Conclude your dining experience with mouth-watering Odia desserts such as Chena Poda or opt for veg/non-veg combos to relish a bit of everything.

The ambiance of Coastline Dhaba transports guests to rural Odisha, a few kilometers away from the sea, surrounded by lush greenery. The dining area, elevated by its luxurious setting, seamlessly merges with nature. Beyond its excellence in local cuisines and wood-fired pizzas, Coastline Dhaba takes pride in its well-stocked bar, offering a variety of cocktails, mocktails, and other liquors to ensure an unforgettable evening.

Seaside Flavors, Coastal Charm – Taste Nature's Bounty Here!
Elevate Your Spirits: Where Every Sip is an Experience!
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Madhuban Bar

Welcome to Madhuban Bar, renowned as the premier bar at Toshali Sands. Offering an extensive selection of exceptional foreign liquors and popular Indian brands, it stands as the epitome of sophistication in the Pool Garden setting.

Surrounded by a lush landscape of flowers, plants, and natural beauty, the Pool Garden and court create a picturesque backdrop for patrons to enjoy their drinks. The pool-side Bar-cum-snack shack enhances the experience, providing a perfect setting for pool-side gatherings.

Immerse yourself in the inviting ambiance as you sip on exquisite beverages and relish the serene atmosphere. The well-appointed bar features a combination of bar-be-que and candlelight dinner, elevating the overall dining and drinking experience. Ideal for both intimate moments and lively celebrations, Madhuban Bar ensures a delightful rendezvous with friends or a romantic evening.

With its blend of fine spirits, scenic surroundings, and inviting amenities, Madhuban Bar at Toshali Sands invites you to indulge in a memorable and sophisticated drinking and dining experience.