Ayurveda in Puri

Ayurveda is considered as more than 5000 years old healing process originated in India. It is the best way of rejuvenating your mind and body along with reduce various ailments. Now, we have come up with Ayurveda in Puri - the spiritual city in Odisha. Toshali Sands Puri - being a renowned Ayurvedic resort in Puri, is gaining momentum in Odisha and all parts of the India as a fast emerging PuriAyurvedic Resort. We Toshali Resorts have come up with affordable Ayurveda packages in Puri that will go well with your budget. Ayurveda Panchkarma treatment in Puri provided in this star-rated resort is second to none. Come to us and you will get the following benefits from our Ayurveda tour packages in Puri.

Rejuvenation Massage-Rejuvenating Your Mind and Body

Rejuvenation massage includes full body massage with a special type of herbal oil for one hour. The time can be extended too. The massage is also given to head, face and other body parts. You will get:

1. Rejuvenation of body and mental tension
2. Diabetic neuropathy and general weakness

Ayurveda in Puri

General massage-Keep You Refreshed

General massage is provided with herbal oil for the duration of 45 minutes to firm up body and improve blood circulation. The time can be extended too as per your demand (charges apply).

Face & Head Massage-For Younger Look and Mental Relaxation

Face & Head Massage is given on the face and head with a special type of herbal oil for 15 minutes to upsurge fairness of face and gives mental relaxation. You can get the time extended according to your requirement.

Abhyangam-Relives Your Journey Tiredness

Specific body massage is given through Abhyangamwith two types of herbal oils from head to toe for 45 minutes in reverse direction of heart. The time can be extended too. You will get some added benefits through this massage that includes:

Relieves journey tiredness and at the same time gives relaxation to the body
Tones up the body and makes you feel relaxed

Vashpaswedanamor Herbal Steam Bath-The Perfect Ayurveda in Puri

Vishpaswedanam or herbal steam bath is a unique treatment in which different medicinal plant leaves are boiled while the steam is passed to whole body. It is the best Ayruvedamassage that help in:

~Eliminating impurities from the body along with reducing fat
~Absorbing the massage oil into the body with more energetic feelings
~Provides you strong system to fight against skin diseases

Sarbangadharaor Pizhichil Provides a Number of Health Benefits with Skin Care

Sarbangadharais a generalized procedure of Ayurveda in Puri in which Snehana & Swedana (massage and fomentation) are performed simultaneously. It is a process in which four liter medicated Luke warm oils and liquids are poured in doing massage on the whole body for a specific time. It is very helpful in:

~Prevention of aging process and restoring vitality & enthusiasm
~Improving skin texture, luster and skin tone
~Promoting blood circulation and strengthen muscles & tissues

Pinda swedana ( Kizhi)

It is a route of fomentation which containsSnehana & Swedana instantaneously. It is generally three types that include:

Sali Sasthika Pinda swedana ( Navarakizhi).
Patra Pinda Swedana ( Podikizhi).
Churna Pinda swedana (Elakizhi).

These all three types are very helpful in providing relief in the following ailments that include:

Ankylosingspondilities and Chronic Rheumatoid arthritis
Osteoarthritis and Sciatica
Motor neuron disease or MND
Pseudo muscular hypertrophy and Residual hemiplegia / Paraplegia

Sirodhara-Best of All Ayurveda Processes

Sirodhara is a procedure containing a stream of medicated oil or decoction or milk or butter milk on the forehead of the patient from a quantified height for a specified period of time.Sirodhara is very helpful Ayurveda process in Puri that helps in providing you relief in:

Hronic daily headache and Insomnia or sleeping disturbances
Senile demensia and anxiety disorder
Improvement of mental power and Parkinson's Disease
Generalise cerebral atrophy and Sirovasti

Keeping the medicated oil or ghee on the head for a specific period with the help of a "CAP" made of animal's skin is known as Sirovasti that is known for providing you relief in:

Facial paralysis and Headache
Hair loss and Eye disorders
Neurological problems like paralysis
Sinus problems and Epilepsy

It is medicated oil that is applied on the back for a specific period with the help of a borderline made of herbal powders. It is very effective in providing you relief in the following diseases.

Sciatica and Cervical spondylitis
Compression of the vertebra
Pelvic Inflammatory disease ( PID ) and Back pain

Karnapooranam-Cleans Your Ear

Karnapooranam is one of the effective processes of cleaning the ears and evading ailments associated to the ears.

Tharapanam-A Cleaning Process of the Eyes

Tharapanam is amazing and ancient cleaning method of the eyes, which gives cooling effects and at the same time prevents eye diseases. It is also very effective in strengthen the optic nerves

Vamana-the Bio-purification Therapeutic Emesis

It is the removal of heightened or vitiated toxic material that is known as Dosas or toxins through the mouth. The Ayurveda therapy is very helpful in:

Asthama and skin diseases like Psoriasis, Eczema, Utricaria etc.
Chronic Bronchitis and chronic sinusitis
Psychosis and Non-insulin dependent diabetics' mellitus
Frozen shoulder and similar others

Virechana Karma or Purificatory purgation Provide Relief in Arthritis

Virechana is a technique of purgation that involves removal of Dosasor Toxins of the body through anal route. It produces trans-membrane purification. You will get benefit in:

Gout and Rheumatoid Arthritis
Hemiplegia and Skin diseases
Anaemia and Asthama
Digestive tract disorders like APD and similar others

VastiKarma-Solution for Various Illnesses

Vasti Karma is the technique to familiarize the antibacterial liquid through anal route into the rectum (Sigmoid colon) by certain amount of pressure. It is divided into two categories that include:

Niruha Vasti ( With medicated decoction ).
Anuvasana Vasti ( With medicated oil ).

The Ayurveda process is very helpful in providing relief in the following health problems.

Obesity and hemiplegia as well as neurological conditions
Loss of muscle strength and constipation
Irritable bowel syndrome and Sexual weakness
Back pain and many more

Nasya Karma

Different types of herbs and Ayurveda medicines are via nostrils are provided. The process is known as Nasya Karma also called as purification effected through nose. It provides you relief in

Headache, Migraine, Chronic col, Chronic sinusitis, Throat Ailments, Tonsiliti, Facial paralysis, Hair Fall and similar other problems