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Multi Cuisine Restaurant

Both the restaurant menu of dishes and bar menu is sure to keep you fascinated for a long time and persuade you to come here again for something different and very special. We have experienced and skilled master chefs who know how to increase the taste of food in the most effective way. For mouthwatering, finger-luscious and delicious food of your choice, simply place your order (from rooms as well), and you will get your favorite food immediately.

Our top chefs have years of experience in salad dressing, salad mixing with mayonnaise and sauces of your favorite flavor, preparing sandwiches, sea fish in different flavors, and the perfect Odia recipe. Apart from this, the south India foods like Dosa, Upma, Idaly, Utthpam, etc, we are second to none in Jajpur. If you are looking for continental food, you have a better option in Pushpagiri to place your order in Toshali Pushpagiri Restaurant in Jajpur.

  • Seafood (Your favorite flavor and taste with pure herbs and spices of India with the commitment of serving as hot and delious)
  • South-Indian Food (Everything you want like Upma, Dosa, Idaly, etc)
  • Pure and Delicious Goan Food
  • Continental Food
  • Salads with brand dressing service
  • North-Indian Food
  • Gujarati and Rajasthani Food

Our Restaurant menu of dishes is incomparable that persuade you to come here again and again.

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