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Goa, India is a tropical paradise with miles of palm-fringed sandy beaches, lush green paddy fields and wide slow-flowing rivers. Goa is a vivid mixture of white washed Catholic churches, Hindu temples and the colours and aromas of the busy street markets. You just get captivated by the vibrant nightlife in Goa, stunning night clubs in Goa and all the thrilling means of entertainment in Goa. Goa travel guide greatly helps tourists in informing them about the things to do in North Goa and also about the best places to Visit in Goa.There is so much to do in Goa when you stay at The Goan Village, for more information feel free to enquire at the Help Desk. Some activities are listed below:

There are numerous and amazing things to do in Goa that allure tourists. Be it the soft sprawling beaches or the wide paddy fields or the elegant churches and temples displaying enthralling architecture or the rivers of Goa or the exotic and splendid Goan beaches, everything in Goa is unique and add to the overall charm of Goa. The bustling streets of Goa are also a major source of attraction for people.

Water Sports

Jet Skiing: Jet skiing is a wonderful and much preferred water sport in Goa. It involves a jet powered water scooter that gains speed and momentum with the help of its powerful engine. Jet skiing involves loads of adventure and one definitely gets more than thrilled in going for a easy and spontaneous ride through the water.

Banana Ride: Banana boat ride provides a seating of 6 people at a time. The speed boat rider is in the shape of a banana and it sifts through water to give you an utterly wonderful experience of riding in water accompanied by your friends. This sport is considered to be absolutely adventurous and kids as well as adults make it a point to enjoy its thrill.

Para Sailing: Para sailing is a wonderful water sport, which lets you soar in the deep blue sky over the deep waters of sea or ocean. There are ropes attached to effective and powerful boats holding you tightly and letting you have an amazing ride amidst the sky and the sea. Those who go for riding are held through colorful parachutes and therefore, the adventure is completely thrilling.

Dolphin Tour: Dolphin tour lets you witness beautiful dolphins taking dives into the deep blue waters and making a wonderful spectacle that no one can afford to miss out. As you travel through the waters, you are definite to view various dolphins coming at the top of the water surface to welcome you.


Churches, Temples & Mosques

Church of Lady of Immaculate Conception: One can spot this church at the church square and one finds a wonderful blend of Portuguese and Indian architecture reflected well in the structure of the churches. The church was constructed in 1540 and initially the church was built in the Portuguese baroque style and later it was renovated in the Renaissance style.

Portuguese Homes: Goa is replete with heritage homes as well as homes marked with Portuguese architecture. The front of these homes is in the shape of a hut and the homes are displayed in vivid colors. The homes have slanting roofs and are surrounded by gardens. You can easily identify Portuguese homes by merely having a sight of the homes.

Old Goa: Old Goa consists of numerous buildings that have acquired the status of museums and ancient buildings. Its foundation was laid by Afonso de Alburquerque. Old Goa possesses a port named as Golden Goa that gave great promotion to trade. The port also led to the prosperity of shipping and commercial industry.

Shatadurga Temple: This temple is dedicated to goddess Durga and in the vicinity of this temple, you have paddy fields. Inside the temple, you find marble and glass chandeliers. A Jatra for 8 days takes place on wooden chariots that captivates people. You also find the existence of Lord Vishnu and lord Shiva in this temple.


Candolim Beach: Candolim beach possesses extreme tranquility thatappeals the minds of nature lovers. One can spot this beach at a distance of 15 Km from Panjim. As you roam around this beach, you spot the beautiful Aguada Fort, as well as Quincy Corner. The water here allows sports such as para sailing, boating, swimming, skiing, fishing, etc.

Calangute Beach: This beach is much admired among the visitors and is called the 'queen of beaches'. The beach appears to be surrounded with palm and coconut trees. An array of European tourists flocks at this heavenly beach to enjoy the beauty and serenity from close.

Baga Beach: This small and alluring beach offers a wonderful destination for beach lovers and is surrounded with palm trees. In the vicinity of this beach, there are various restaurants for foodies. And sports lovers can enjoy various water sports that can be played here.

Eating Out

Souza Lobo: Souza Lobo is an amazing restaurant that has been offering you delicious sea food for generations. This one of the oldest restaurants in Goa possesses some of the most scrumptious delicacies that are more than enough to satisfy your taste buds.

Brittos: This restaurant can be spotted at the Baga beach and is known for the scrumptious food that is available here. You would definitely love to savor prawn curry as well as Alpine chocolate mousse. Exotic wines, cocktails and well as liquors can also be had here.

Delhi Darbar: Delhi Darbar serves you delicious delicacies in the most royal styles. The elegant gold plated and silver crockery ameliorate your dining experience. The aroma of various cuisines is more than enough to hold you to this restaurant.

Little Italy: This amazing restaurant provides you with some of the most mouth watering delicacies such as pasta, pizza, focaccia, gnocchi, bruschetta, etc. The food would definitely leave you with lasting taste that you just cannot forget.

Night Out

Titos: the discotheque and Night Club along the coast of Baga in the beautiful state of Goa India was established in 1971. Tito's, today offers one of the best equipped, acoustically designed discotheque and caters to the tourist, both; international and domestic, flocking Goa. The Entertainment is offered all round the year.

Paradiso Disco Phone: 0832 3255555 Paradiso Disco, located at Anjuna, constructed of mud and suspended on a cliff overlooking the sea. Its vast three-tiered space has a grottolike primitive feel, comprehensive with "hobbit-worthy" nooks. A large, blue-lighted statue of Shiva stands out in an angle with his many arms stretched as he dances his extraterrestrial dance.


Panjim City about 12 kilometers Newtons north goa biggest supermarket just 100 meters away from the resort, Fabindia about 5 minutes walking distance.

Saturday night bazaar is about 15 minutes drive, world renowned flee market is about 30 minutes drive from the place.

Other Things To Do

Spice Plantation: Located in the Ponda region these plantations produce spice powders and mixes of pepper, cardamom, tamarind and all the other spice groups and categories. Most of the spices and plants have some medicinal properties.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls: This beautiful waterfall is situated near the Karnataka border. They are the second highest falls in India. The name literally means "Sea of Milk". They can be accessed by a jeep ride on a rough road and can also be seen when passing by on a train from Karnataka to Goa.

Fishing : Since Goa is peppered with a series of beaches, the activity and sport can be easily performed and is much liked here. In the historical times, most of the people of Goa were into the occupation of fishing. And now, even in the present times, most of the Goans love this sport and regard it as their favorite pastime. And therefore, tourists as well feel like indulging in the sport of angling ad they get extremely pleased to catch a variety of fishes such as stingray, mullet, guitarfish, salmon, rockfish as well as catfish.

Drive a Vintage Car - Goa possesses a marvelous world of vintage cars and its name is Ashvek Vintage World. It is a well maintained museum in Goa where you come across amazing vintage cars. The museum can be spotted at Nuvem and is filled with a variety of vintage cars of various car manufacturing companies such as Mercedes, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Austin and Peugeot.

Go-Karting : Go-Karting is a mind blowing sport where single drivers on their Karts pave their way over the racing tracks. As you come to Goa and plan to indulge in this sport, you can choose to race at the track at Nuven in South Goa or the track at Arpora in North Goa.

Clubbing : The hip and buzzing nightlife in Goa is quite famous and therefore clubbing is a must do thing for all the party animals who want to enjoy to the fullest and ward off all the tensions of the world. With fabulous theme nights, people get the chance to dance on their choicest and popular music such as Trance music, Banngra music, Salsa music, Ragge and Ragga music, as well as Rock and Roll music.

Casino Cruise : Casinos are quite popular and form the best sources of enjoyment in Goa. You can spot various floating casinos as you go for a casino cruise on the Mandovi River. Amazing games such as blackjack and roulette are played at the casinos. Therefore, you can also feel free to lay the chance of luck at these casinos of Goa.

Ayurvedic Therapy : In order to have rejuvenating and healing treatments, Goa is a perfect place, as one is free to avail the preventive ayurvedic therapies in the form of massages with oils and herbs. All the ayurvedic therapies and treatments are associated with the five natural elements including air, water, earth, fire and space.

Crocodile Cruise : In Goa, Cumbarjua Canal is the popular abode of crocodiles. In order to view the amazing crocodiles, you can opt to go for a cruise through the Cumbarjua Canal. The villagers of this place make it a point to worship crocodiles and they assume that crocodiles cause o harm to them with this

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