Pushpagiri Buddhist Monastery

Pushpagiri Monastery is very famous among the Buddhism pilgrimage tourists visiting the Odisha Buddhist Circuit. Pushpagiri Buddhist Monastery is known for its charm and splendor.Come to this Buddhist land and experience the real glory and high spirituality of this place that brings the inner peace to your soul. Further, Buddhism in Odisha has bloomed in such a way that there is an immense significance of Buddhism in Odisha. The History of Buddhism in Odisha is very rich. That is why Buddhism tourism, travel and tour to Odisha are growing by leaps and bounds. Just have a look on the Buddhism guide to Odisha, you will come across vivid Buddhist attractions in Odisha.

One such major Buddhist attraction is the Pushpagiri University, where you can see several Stupas, Monasteries, Motifs and Sculptures based in Ratnagiri, Udayagiri & Lalitgiri. The entire Pushpagiri University is spread across 3 campuses atop the 3 adjoining hills Lalitgiri, Ratnagiri, and Udayagiri. The interesting thing which is not much highlighted here is the structures, which are excavated are older and larger in comparison to contemporary Buddhist learning centre like Nalanda and Vikramashila.

The actual Mahavihara campus comprising three hilltops is consists of various stupas, monasteries, temples and sculptures following the Gupta period architectural style. A tributary of the River Brahmani in Odisha, the River Kelua offers a scenic background to this Mahavihara. You can find its ruins atop the Langudi hills that are low hills around 90 km from the Mahanadi delta, in Jajpur and Cuttack districts of Odisha.

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Pushpagiri Buddhist Monastery

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