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Are you planning to experience the blend of east and west in traditions, fashion, culture, attractions and cuisine? If yes, then you should explore Goa the small state in India in Western Part. As far as foods in Goa are concerned, you have an array of options here ranging from sea food to south Indian food, north Indian food, Goa food, continental and different types of other cuisines. However, Goan dishes are incomparable, especially foods that are cooked in traditional way in clay pots on firewood. Modern conveniences are also available for food preparation. Choice is yours; Goan Dishes are for both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The miscellaneous platter ranging from prawns to sausages from chicken to beef, and numerous vegetarian dishes.

Needless to say, delicious and mouthwatering Goan Food attracts the food enthusiasts and those who are crazy for sea food. Enjoying foods in Goa with your favorite drink and at beach resort is incomparable that persuade tourists again and again to explore Goa tours. Accordingly, Goan cuisine is mainlyprejudiced by Christianity and Hinduism and this is the main reason it is called as the blend of East and West. Moreover, cooking approaches have been intermingled together and endorsed to seethe, cooking and developing an accurate selection of delicacies. The blend of East and West truelyaccentuate that food is fresh, tasty and delicious and served with great warm welcome. Demonstration is supreme to Goans as they often segment their food, expressly during feasts, where food is disseminated among fellow citizen.

Here is a list of the most popular Goan Cuisine and Goan dishes that are truly mouthwatering and attract everyone.

Multi-Cuisine Food and Dishes in Goa that Attract You to Visit Goa Again and Again

Bebinca Famous Sweet of Goa to Taste and Enjoy Bebinca is the most delicious and famous sweet of Goa. The famous dessert is a polygonal cake made from egg, coconut milk, sugar and ghee with latest cake designing ideas.In the cake another layer added after the cooking and roasting the first layer. Therefore, it takes some more time. Needless to say, it is the top food in Goa to enjoy. During the Christmas, it is served as hot and cold.

Crab XecXecA Delicious Curry : Goa food is known as the most popular sea food that you will enjoy at the sea coast. Crab XecXec is a curry made from grounded coconut, coriander and dry mixed roasted spices that are added to crab meat. The impenetrable coconut gravy dish is frequently served with rice or bread.

Fish Curry Rice The Most Common Goan Food : Being theessential food for Goans, Fish Curry rice is known as xittcoddi in Konkani. It is yellowish-red in color because of the occurrence of chilies and turmeric. The tasty and peppery dish can be broiled with a variability of fish, while mackerel is one of the favorites. The dish is assisted with steamed white rice and is the traditional Goan meal.

Chicken Cafreal Hot and Spicy Chicken : This Goan Food is spicy chicken cooked from coriander, lime, green chilies, peppercorns, and mint by mixing them in one. Pan roasted and Oven is two options to cook it. One of the best foods in Goa, ChikenCafreal was originated from Africa and is usually accompanied by green salad.

Goan FeniLocal Alcoholic Drink with Strong Aroma : Goa and alcoholic drinks are disheveled each other. Moreover, the word 'Feni' derives from the word 'fenn', which means froth. In fact, a good feni, when poured in a glass produces a little froth, which is asuggestion of the superior quality of the product. Feni is categorized into two forms in which one is made from coconut and the other is made from cashew. According to local records, coconut feni is less popular; while cashew feni is made from cashew apples that are very popular. There are three grades of Goan brew.

Sorpotel A Rich Stew Made from Pork : Being a rich stew that is made from pork; sometimes liver, heart and kidney are also added. Cookingsorpotel is a long procedure: first the meat is parboiled, finely diced, fried and then cooked in spices and vinegar. Sorpotel usually tastes better on the 2nd and 3rd day, after it is prepared, once it has had time to mature.

Mushroom Xacuti Favorite of Locals : Mushroom Xacuti is the Goanspecialityextremely hot and spicy. The hot and spicy food is prepared with chicken but tastes good with mushrooms as well.

Mackerel Reacheado Another Hot and Spicy Goan Food : Mackerel Reachheado is prepared by slicing a cross section of the fish. It is stuffed with red hot chilly masala called reacheado that is made from red chillies, spices, ginger, garlic and ground with malt vinegar. The fish is them pan fried.

Sanna Traditional Goan Food : Sanna is white, fluffy bread prepared of coconut and excellently ground rice flour is mixed with toddy. Later it is inflamed and steamed. Eating eating with most curries, especially sorpotel or simply a cup of Indian tea would be amazing taste.

Goan Sausages Present the Traditional Goan Taste : Goan sausages are made from pork meat and fat and loosely diced. The twines of sausages are immersed in pickling spices and then sun dried. Sausages are served with Pulao rice or in bread.

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