Buddhist Complex Udayagiri

An Orissa Buddhist Complex Udayagiri together with other such complexes like Ratnagiri and Lalitgiri holds a number stupas and monasteries (viharas) of Buddhist significance. According to the historical evidences, Udayagiri was known as 'Madhavapura Mahavihara' in the ancient time. There are several attractions in Udayagiri, which pull a large number of tourists towards the destination each year. Udayagiri tours take you to the best of the attractions of the destination including Udayagiri hills, Temples in Udayagiri, and Monuments in Udayagiri, among others. Apart from that, you can find numerous other amazing Tourist places to see in Udayagiri.

Buddhist Tour Orissa offers you a very different experience with numerous amazing Stupas, Monasteries, Motifs and Sculptures lying in and around Ratnagiri, Udayagiri and Lalitgiri which are the major Buddhist complexes in this East Indian state.

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