Art and Culture of Goa

Art and Culture of GoaThere is no need to explain the natural beauty and romantic ambience in Goa. Being the Rome of the East (as it is entitled), Goa is also one of the most visited tourist place in India where honeymooners, couples, and beach tour enthusiasts prefer to explore romance, serenity, and happy hours to enjoy. Apart from the romantic ambiance, Goa one of the smallest states is also known for its unique and age-old cultures, traditions and civilizations. It was colonized by Portuguese around 450 years earlier. This is the main reason behind the presence of Portuguese culture and traditions. Cultural Goa as it is called is a home to ancient churches, temples and mosques that show you the real image of divinity in the small Indian state.

Apart from the churches and temples, you will also see culture of Goa in Goan folk dances, Goa Folk Culture, local and regional songs and different fairs and festivals. In addition, the Christian monuments of different time have been witnessing the Cultural Goa in a unique and impressive way. Needless to say, Portuguese culture and traditions gave Goa a lot and truly the unique cultures have made Goa a little bit different from rest of India. In this small state in western part of India, is the perfect place to enjoy western music like Jazz, western classic and different others. Apart from this the sea food, continental food, western cuisine and different other things show you the perfect picture of culture of Goa.

The beautiful and picturesque state is known for vibrant culture, dashing places, serene beaches (where couples are found enjoying the sea waves) and wildlife sanctuaries along with vibrant cities and marketplaces. Cultural Goa is also known for vibrant nightlife that you can enjoy in nightclubs, bars, beach resorts and multi-cuisine restaurants. With an aim to make your cultural Goa tours memorable and full of enjoy, we at Toshali Resort have come up with cultural Goa tour packages. Goan Village is the recently added resort in the chain of Toshali Resorts International. After getting one of the cultural Goa tour packages from Toshali Resort, you will enjoy the below mentioned programs and cultural events.

Goa Music and Dances Show You the Real Image of Cultural Goa

GHODE MODNI The Splendid Folk Dance

Goa Music and DancesBeing an amazing and splendid folk dance, Ghode Mondi is performed in BicholimTaluka of Goa. It is devoted to the great warriors of the past who fought for Goa. It includes dancing by swinging around with dummy horses tucked to their waists. In additions, performers or dancers also carry swords along with showcasing bravery. Dhol and Tasha are the back-ground music instruments for this dance. Ghode Mondi truly shows you the real culture of Goa.

MANDO The Best Way of Expressing Emotions through Songs

It is also a famous cultural Goa music and dance program that refers to the various love songs enriched by apprehendingemotion. The folk songs came into existence with the Goan aristocracy that reflects the sad state of mind. However, the rhythm acquired in the end is named as dulpod. Mando is also a perfect combination of Indian and Western tradition

DEKHNIDANCE A Perfect Combination of Song and Dance Representing Cultural Goa

Dekhni represent the real image of culture of Goa through song and dance. In other words, it is the perfect combination of Indian dance and western bearings. Dekhni Dance is performed by women who really dance beautifully. The dance is performed with Ghumat

GOFF TALGADI AND SHIGMO Awesome and Beautiful Folk Dance

Being the awesome and beautiful folk dances, Goff Talgadi and Shigmo are the part of Spring Jubilation that are performed to spread festive mood and happiness among peasants. Needless to dance is the symbol of extreme discipline that is performed in Ghumat Beats.

DHANGAR DANCE A Traditional Dance Form that Represents Cultural Goa

Hangars from the community of shepherds worship a folk god Bira Deva with believe in rituals and traditions. Dhangar Dance is performed on Dhol and Flute Beats dedicated to ShriRadha and Krishna.

MUSSAL KHEL A Song cum Dance Festival

MussalKhel is a folk inheritance involves a song and dance that is done in the praise of brave kings. It is performed by Christians to praise a Hindu King as a tradition. It is celebrated on the full moon day in the month of Falguna (March) month of the Hindu calendar.

TONYAMEL A Folk Dance Form to Experience during Goa Tours

Tonyamel is also a folk dance that is performed by peasants who work on farms to celebrate the festivities of good harvest. It is done in very energetic and belligerent movements and with lots of noise and sound. The symbol of Cultural Goa, Tonyamelis a homage paid to the Mother Nature.

SUVARI Music and Dance Everywhere

Suvari is a form of vibrant rhythms, music and taalsadding a lot of enthusiasm to this traditional dance. The dance is accomplished for religious festivals and related events. Cymbals, ghumat, surt, shehnai and shamel are different musical instruments used during the dance. It is performed with much cheer in all over Goa.

ZAGOR Modern Dance that Represents Modern Culture of Goa

Zagor is a folk dance congenital from the Modern Marathi Theatre in Goa. It contains two forms that belong to the Pernni community. Other belongs to the Christian Gawdas. PernniZagordistillates on the moral topics based on the origin of universe. On the other hand the Christian Gawdas has been taken from the contemporary village life.

LAMP DANCE A Dance Form that Keeps Your Spellbound

It is not only a dance with lamps, but it is a form of art and skillof the dancers who keeplamps on their head and use diverse body movements deprived of affecting the locus of the lamp. Lamp Dance is performed during Shigmo festival. Cymbal, Ghumat, Haronium, and Samel are different types of music instruments used during the dance. The songs used are the traditional folk songs.

FUGDI AND DHALO Show Goa Women Dancing with a New Energy

The folk dances are performed by women. Dhalo is slow and Fugdi is fast. Both these folk dances are performed on Marathi and Konkani songs.

VEERBHADRA Spiritual and Divinity Come Together

Veerbhadra son of Lord Shiva is referred as the burning flame. Veerbhadra isachieved on DhaloMand's fifth day.

KUNBI SONGS AND DANCE Explore the Real Culture of Goa through Dance and Music

Kunbi songs and dances are performed by the embryoniccolonizers in Goa who outline ancient civilizations. The songs are apt for the Portuguese era that are basically for the enjoyment of the dancers.

MORULEM Dance Form Performed on Old and Traditional Regional Songs

Morulemis performed on old and traditional songs to please their deities. Dancers wear flower garlands and peacock feathers adorning the heads.

ROMAT Enjoy Drum Beats in Goa

It is complemented by drum beats succeeding a pleasing rhythm. Dancers who perform Romatdance amidst big banners, batons and umbrellas as well as festooned sticks.

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